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3/16/09 10 Ways Social Media Will Change in 2009
3/17/09 Chris Brogan at SXSW on using Social Media for Social Good

Be sure to watch this video below - it's very good!

A quick talk from a co-founder of Twitter on how new uses are emerging.


SXSW conference speakers : Social Media Nonprofit ROI

Follow these speakers on twitter!
Beth Kanter Consultant, Beth's Blog
Danielle Brigida Assoc Ops Coord, National Wildlife Federation
Wendy Harman Social Media, American Red Cross Bay Area
Carie Lewis Internet Mktg Mgr, Humane Society of US
David Neff Director ... American Cancer Society
Katie Paine KDPaine & Partners
Holly Ross Exec Dir , NTEN Nonprofit Technology Network

Here's the video from the event:

SXSW: Social Media Nonprofit ROI Poetry Slam - Slides, Links, and Poems (long)

The video below is Chris Brogan at SXSW on using Social Media for Social Good



Videos from the AAF-CC Event:



Romeo the twittering cat

10 Twitter Tips for Nonprofit Organizations

Media Contacts

Here's the most current list of media outlets from the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce:


How-to Videos on Social Media

Blogs in Plain English

Twitter in Plain English

Social Media in Plain English

Online Photo Sharing in Plain English

Slide shows on Social Media

What is social media? And why should non profits care?

PRSA Conf Social Media Q&A

Seth Godin on Social Media

Ode: How to tell a great story
Write like a blogger

Upcoming Webinars

DIOSA | Communications Webinars

For Nonprofit Organizations:
April 7 @ 10am PST: How Nonprofit Organizations Can Successfully Use Facebook and YouTube
April 14 @ 10am PST: How Nonprofit Organizations Can Successfully Use MySpace
April 21 @ 10am PST: How Nonprofit Organizations Can Successfully Use Twitter and Flickr

3/17 @ 2PM EST Getting Started In Social Media Without Freaking Out

Websites (info on Nonprofit social media)

Word of Mouth Marketing:


Twitter (a micro blog - just text)

Search Bio's on twitter:

Twitter To Go: How one local coffee shop used Twitter to double their clientele.

A big list of twitter tools:

Tumblr (a mini blog - text, photos, video & more)

Tumblr How To Video:

Blogger and WordPress (big blogs!)

Facebook (sign up here)

A list of organizations with FaceBook Groups:
(click on Non-Profits)

Notes on how to use Facebook for a non-profit:

LinkedIn Groups
Web 2.0 for Nonprofit Organizations
check these links:

Free Tools

A blog for FREE online tools and resources

Simple web-based software products

Non Profit Examples

The Global Awareness Project

Church At Charlotte
twitter (church)
twitter (pastor)
tweetcast this is a live tweetcast from the church. By sending a tweet with a #sign,
you can create a searchable #word/term that can be found/followed easily.

Center for Women - Charleston, SC

Romeo the twittering cat

Liquid Highway
Saving Lives One Cup at a Time.


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